Monday’s Manna Moment: April 28, 2014: Freedom

Do I have an amazing moment to share with you:

I have this Scripture painted on my bedroom wall:

photo copy 9


I love finding the sacred in the secular. God is everywhere and in everything: Seek Him out!!!

We’ve all been “beat up” by somebody at some time. Words, blows, pushes or intimidation. It makes my righteous blood boil with anger. God takes care of His own and those people will be called to account for their actions. God have mercy on them cause I have a feeling He is not gonna “be a happy camper.”

I think for most of us, at some point, and then some+, this world is so not what we thought it would be. There is freedom from the Lord in any circumstance. Seek and you will find!!! As Christians, we are all on our way to our heavenly home. This is just a temporary training ground. My love and blessings, twe

Sunday’s Showcase of Truth April 27, 2014

Dedicated to Mother to Mother and it’s leader’s: Adria, Leigh and Courtney

and the initial and their leader, Beverly



This just about melted me to the core. Thinking about my own four babies and how my love for them just about split my heart wide-open. Open to every good and evil that would brush past them or pierce their precious gifted beings!

I was anxious with my first baby to do everything right. Once I let that fierce fire of flame settle into my heart, its burned more brightly every day since their four births.

We have a great program at our church that ministers to young moms, gets them into The Word and in fellowship with each other during this needy phase of mothering. It blesses moms, children and families with maturity in faith that not only advances our Lord’s Kingdom but also grows women of insight and depth. I’ve had the privilege to know some of these young women. They are delightful!

So I encourage young moms: find a Bible study/start one. . .find a mentor or mentors program in your church!!! GROW. . .GROW. . .GROW!!! It will enrich your life and the strength of your marriage in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

1 Corinthians 13:13


Dearest Readers:

Dearest Readers:

As you can see from the above totally boring video, the slow hunt and peck method is really reducing the frequency and length of many posts.  I write complete posts in my head and then sometimes I can get the title typed out. I type one letter at a time with lots of mistakes. I’m trying to learn the Tobii eyegaze system but it’s not coming along very well. But I’m not giving up!!! NOT this girl. I’ll get something going so we can stay in touch.

I thank you with all my heart for your likes and comments. One of the more difficult challenges of this disease, and I’m sure other hard places as well, is the isolation. I am “fed” by social interactions. Large and small groups as well as one to one bring me life. I was typically the last one to leave. My interactions have so drastically changed, my fellowship has also shifted. It’s a huge loss I can’t even begin to describe it.

One of the sweetest redemptive investments God has made in my life is you!!!

  • Words have no meaning unless they have a reader. They lay lifeless and limp on the screen/page until some kind and interested person picks them to turn the words around in their head or let them make a pass through your heart.
  • You are a significant part of my fellowship 🙂
  • It feels risky for any word play because what if they hate it or are bored or just totally not interested?
  • Honestly, it’s a great creative outlet in and of itself. Bucky says I wake up “with words in my head.” It’s my therapy.
  • Because of all these things and since I’m social by nature, your likes and comments mean so much to me 🙂 They help me feel connected!
  • I can see what you think when you comment. I can also gauge what you are  interested in.Technology is pretty cool but it can’t read your mind yet  😉
  • It makes so sad I can’t answer each and every one comment. We are having convos in my head and heart.
  • So, thank you so much when you feel lead to like or comment. Some have told me a few have even graced a Facebook or been shared via an email or two.

YOU are what makes this Blog have a pulse. A joyful song carried across state lines and continents through these weird wireless waves of which I have no knowledge.


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I couldn’t pick just one 😉 thank you!!!


A Slice of Humble Pie


I love this quote. I remember vividly my first stirrings to rise. It’s an amazing feeling that grows into a desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. As faith matures, you want to grow “up” ascending nearer to God. Oh, how I wanted to rise up high!!!

Humility takes on a life of it’s own when it settles into the heart-life. As servant love intersects God’s work, a mystery of Kingdom power enters into the dynamic. There humility rises above our humanity into the heights of “on earth as is in heaven.”

There humility “pierces the clouds” of our perspective and we experience a rise into the breathing space of our Lord’s Throne Room. I’ve en-joyed such humility in places such as mopping floors, prayer, on stage, respecting an adult “child,” a sponge-bath in a hospital bed, biting my directional tongue with my husband, nursing a baby in the night, saying the words “will you forgive me?” and feeling it to my toes, looking into a set of grieving eyes, scrubbing stains off floors, receiving extravagant gifts in time/love/financial/support. . .

There humility grows us “up” small in the presence of a BIG love building HIS Kingdom one heart at a time.

Servant Love + God’s Hand at Work = 3 Dimensional Kingdom Humility 

Check out a great book on Humility by clicking my pinterest button. Go to great books to read. It will give you direct link to buy it on

He is Risen Indeed


Happy Holy Easter:)

I could not write an Easter Entry. Using hand energy to tap to Easter service Worship music, holding hands during meal blessing, and squeezing Hope’s hand goodbye as she headed back to med school.

I’ll leave you with the a question I love:

“If you take the living Resurrection Power within you as a viable reality, how would you live your life differently?”

I would: (on a good day, I would write one of these out with my ink and quill set with a few drops of ink for dramatic effect as a lofty goal) Seriously, consider where His Kingdom would be if we opened our prayer lives to Resurrections aspirations???

  • live expectantly
  • wait for life to rise above
  • watch for moving “stones” rolled away

You would:

Sunday’s Showcase: My Favorite Bible Verses and Why #1

God did not highlight verses for me. (My relationship with the Lord began as a child with Psalm 123) I began my first Bible study after my mom died at the age of thirty. “Disciple,” a year long commitment in our Methodist Church. After a year of intense study, I left with more questions than answers. All in God’s time. He exposed me to the Truth and blessed me with seasoned authentic Christians 🙂 Yet, through continuous Bible Studies, nothing seemed to stand out personally. There will be verses I will share over the next weeks, that all have significance to me, but I start here, because this is my life verse. I was reading on my back porch, spinning with this ALS diagnosis, and this verse entered my next life-moment and grace grew like seeds in the wind. I’ve since seen power being perfected through weaknesses in my character, my marriage, my parenting, “my ministry,” my friendships and my life workings through the circumstance of this disease. The cost of this disease is incomprehensible. It is not a sweet, soft grace that falls gently like a new-fallen snow. It is a grace that grits its teeth through the fierce hunger that comes in the dark of the night on an empty stomach.

Extravagant Grace

  • Intimacy of my faith. I was private with how and when I expressed it. I wasn’t hiding it. God was teaching me good stewardship. This experience has exposed those seeds to the winds. My four daughters have learned more about my faith in the last two years than perhaps all the years prior in our “normal mother-daughter  moments.” It is the power perfected in the intimacy of grace that grows sufficiency. 
  • Legacy of life. I was full speed ahead with family in tow, creativity and passion for our Lord oozing out of every crack and crevice and en-joying every minute of my “Kingdom Play.” I never would have slowed enough to craft this Blog or play with a book. Both small endeavors, they do vest some thing tangible for my family. It is the power perfected in the silliness of grace in which life launches big.
  • Love reaches beyond. I have never felt loved with such intentional devotion.  God has brought new friends with which I would never have crossed paths. Current friends God placed in new places. Old friends God brought to new heights. It’s the kind of love I anticipated in heaven but never expected to experience here on earth. My understanding, as is my family’s, of the limitless potential with the heart for love, is forever challenged. It is the power perfected in the grace from loss that opens into possibilities.


Shane and Shane    Grace is Sufficient