Sunday’s Showcase: My Favorite Bible Verses and Why #1

God did not highlight verses for me. (My relationship with the Lord began as a child with Psalm 123) I began my first Bible study after my mom died at the age of thirty. “Disciple,” a year long commitment in our Methodist Church. After a year of intense study, I left with more questions than answers. All in God’s time. He exposed me to the Truth and blessed me with seasoned authentic Christians 🙂 Yet, through continuous Bible Studies, nothing seemed to stand out personally. There will be verses I will share over the next weeks, that all have significance to me, but I start here, because this is my life verse. I was reading on my back porch, spinning with this ALS diagnosis, and this verse entered my next life-moment and grace grew like seeds in the wind. I’ve since seen power being perfected through weaknesses in my character, my marriage, my parenting, “my ministry,” my friendships and my life workings through the circumstance of this disease. The cost of this disease is incomprehensible. It is not a sweet, soft grace that falls gently like a new-fallen snow. It is a grace that grits its teeth through the fierce hunger that comes in the dark of the night on an empty stomach.

Extravagant Grace

  • Intimacy of my faith. I was private with how and when I expressed it. I wasn’t hiding it. God was teaching me good stewardship. This experience has exposed those seeds to the winds. My four daughters have learned more about my faith in the last two years than perhaps all the years prior in our “normal mother-daughter  moments.” It is the power perfected in the intimacy of grace that grows sufficiency. 
  • Legacy of life. I was full speed ahead with family in tow, creativity and passion for our Lord oozing out of every crack and crevice and en-joying every minute of my “Kingdom Play.” I never would have slowed enough to craft this Blog or play with a book. Both small endeavors, they do vest some thing tangible for my family. It is the power perfected in the silliness of grace in which life launches big.
  • Love reaches beyond. I have never felt loved with such intentional devotion.  God has brought new friends with which I would never have crossed paths. Current friends God placed in new places. Old friends God brought to new heights. It’s the kind of love I anticipated in heaven but never expected to experience here on earth. My understanding, as is my family’s, of the limitless potential with the heart for love, is forever challenged. It is the power perfected in the grace from loss that opens into possibilities.


Shane and Shane    Grace is Sufficient

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Showcase: My Favorite Bible Verses and Why #1

  1. It won’t always be this way. I am sorry for the burden you have had to carry. He sees. He knows. And your words touch my heart today. God bless you and heal you, in Jesus Name. ALS I command you to leave, in Jesus Name.

  2. Excited to read more about the upcoming verses! Such a gift He has given you!
    Also, Love love this song! Haven’t heard! Buying from iTunes right now! So thankful for you!

  3. Tracey,
    I’ve never commented on your blogs before bc we haven’t met (my children see your husband), but I always enjoy them and have been following you. I enjoyed how you beautifully wrote about the love you are experiencing. You said you thought you’d only experience that kind of love in heaven, yet you are witnessing and feeling that love now. Wow, so touching!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tracey, it’s been a week since your last blog, but this was so beautifully written and so very true, that it was worth the wait. You are an amazing woman!! You give love and rightly so, love returns to you threefold.

  5. So beautifully well said. So much truth. Your example of authentic faith is ministering to me and so many. He is sustaining you in this. You are a hero of our faith! Love you, Tracey!

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