A Slice of Humble Pie


I love this quote. I remember vividly my first stirrings to rise. It’s an amazing feeling that grows into a desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. As faith matures, you want to grow “up” ascending nearer to God. Oh, how I wanted to rise up high!!!

Humility takes on a life of it’s own when it settles into the heart-life. As servant love intersects God’s work, a mystery of Kingdom power enters into the dynamic. There humility rises above our humanity into the heights of “on earth as is in heaven.”

There humility “pierces the clouds” of our perspective and we experience a rise into the breathing space of our Lord’s Throne Room. I’ve en-joyed such humility in places such as mopping floors, prayer, on stage, respecting an adult “child,” a sponge-bath in a hospital bed, biting my directional tongue with my husband, nursing a baby in the night, saying the words “will you forgive me?” and feeling it to my toes, looking into a set of grieving eyes, scrubbing stains off floors, receiving extravagant gifts in time/love/financial/support. . .

There humility grows us “up” small in the presence of a BIG love building HIS Kingdom one heart at a time.

Servant Love + God’s Hand at Work = 3 Dimensional Kingdom Humility¬†

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3 thoughts on “A Slice of Humble Pie

  1. Tracey, your beautiful humble heart encourages me to descend. Your words from our Heavenly Father are a breath of fresh air. You are teaching me about love, humility, strength, perseverance, and hope to just name a few. Keep looking at The Lord! You are His light! I love you! Sending you a big hug! Kris Ann

  2. Hi Tracey, Thank you for the wisdom on humility. It is something I have worked on since October. I heard my sweet Drew has been working in your magic garden. I miss you!

  3. Thank you Tracey…its so humbling just to read your words/thoughts. How you want/long for us to all rise up higher and I want that for my loved ones as well to ascend to heights I am now just beginning to learn of and experience (although I feel like an infant and have much growth yet to come). Isn’t God wonderful/merciful, no matter our age/faults, He can still show us so lovingly and tenderly how much closer we can walk with Him…even in this life! He is offering us a taste of paradise.

    with love and gratitude for every thought you share…

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