Dearest Readers:

Dearest Readers:

As you can see from the above totally boring video, the slow hunt and peck method is really reducing the frequency and length of many posts.  I write complete posts in my head and then sometimes I can get the title typed out. I type one letter at a time with lots of mistakes. I’m trying to learn the Tobii eyegaze system but it’s not coming along very well. But I’m not giving up!!! NOT this girl. I’ll get something going so we can stay in touch.

I thank you with all my heart for your likes and comments. One of the more difficult challenges of this disease, and I’m sure other hard places as well, is the isolation. I am “fed” by social interactions. Large and small groups as well as one to one bring me life. I was typically the last one to leave. My interactions have so drastically changed, my fellowship has also shifted. It’s a huge loss I can’t even begin to describe it.

One of the sweetest redemptive investments God has made in my life is you!!!

  • Words have no meaning unless they have a reader. They lay lifeless and limp on the screen/page until some kind and interested person picks them to turn the words around in their head or let them make a pass through your heart.
  • You are a significant part of my fellowship 🙂
  • It feels risky for any word play because what if they hate it or are bored or just totally not interested?
  • Honestly, it’s a great creative outlet in and of itself. Bucky says I wake up “with words in my head.” It’s my therapy.
  • Because of all these things and since I’m social by nature, your likes and comments mean so much to me 🙂 They help me feel connected!
  • I can see what you think when you comment. I can also gauge what you are  interested in.Technology is pretty cool but it can’t read your mind yet  😉
  • It makes so sad I can’t answer each and every one comment. We are having convos in my head and heart.
  • So, thank you so much when you feel lead to like or comment. Some have told me a few have even graced a Facebook or been shared via an email or two.

YOU are what makes this Blog have a pulse. A joyful song carried across state lines and continents through these weird wireless waves of which I have no knowledge.


Over the last 30 days:
Country Views
United States 1,291
United Kingdom 79
India 44
South Africa 28
Canada  22
Brazil 22
Singapore 12
Taiwan 9
Indonesia 6
Netherlands 6
Germany 6
France 5
Australia 4
Mexico 4
Italy 3
Japan 2
Madagascar 2
Argentina 2
United Republic of Tanzania 2
Pakistan 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Norway 1
Spain 1
Oman 1
Ecuador 1
Russian Federation 1
Jamaica 1
Malaysia 1
Costa Rica 1
Panama 1
Sri Lanka 1
Sweden 1
Barbados 1
Philippines 1
Thailand 1
Bahamas 1
Belgium 1
Mauritius 1
Colombia 1

I couldn’t pick just one 😉 thank you!!!


24 thoughts on “Dearest Readers:

  1. Hey Tracey! I’m a bit behind on my reading, but I love your blog. I feel like we “visit” each time I read your post. You will master the Tobii! I love your never give up attitude! Your video wasn’t boring, your nails are beautiful!

  2. Dear Tracey- I can probably think of only a handful of times that we have spoken. When I think on it -my youngest children were never in your girls classes. Hard to believe that somewhere our lives never overlapped between school and church but as you did (when you have a big family) I tended to concentrate in the places my kids were active in. I read your blogs and am saddened that I never got out of the gym, carpool circle, the pool etc. to be blessed to know you personally. I share your blog posts with others and am blessed and amazed by your insight and Godly wisdom that you communicate in each word or phrase. Thank you doesn’t seem enough and a little inadequate to express all that your words do for so many! I am grateful for you and your passion to share your journey with us! In Him, Christie Myers

  3. Like so many others, Tracey, it is I who am thankful for you. Although I rarely comment (I am sorry for that), I soak up your words and pictures and carry them with me, sprinkling beautiful drops on Facebook, in emails or conversations with others as the Lord prompts. It is impossible to estimate how many lives you have so deeply touched and encouraged.

    Your thoughts are like a pebble skipped across the water, touching the surface of our lives in so many places and creating multiple ripples that spread outward as far as the water reaches. If the water is calm you may be able to see the ripples spread all the way to the shore where they will then bounce off the shore and come back to where the pebble hit the water. As the ripples move across the water, their circles get wider and wider. As they widen, the energy pushing them spreads out. Soon, it becomes more difficult to see the ripple lines, but the energy continues to spread even after you can no longer see the ripple effect. It is a law of physics that once the water has been displaced it has to move away from the source of displacement. Even if you throw a stone into water in the middle of the most severe storm you’ve ever experienced in your life, and the wind is blowing, and the waves are crashing white with foam, the law still stands. Though you may not be able to see the ripples going forth from the stone you threw in, or even think they’ll make a difference in the midst of all the waves, it is so.

    And I love how honestly and carefully your pebbles are chosen to fit whatever situation you find yourself in each day, reminding me of how David carefully chose his stones to slay the enemy, Goliath. He didn’t pick up just any old stone but carefully chose the right ones to serve the purpose at hand. You have a gift for reminding us of the perfect Scripture verses that concern what you are dealing with at a particular moment. Then you cast them with a humbling honesty that touches each of us in a personal way that we can all relate to at some level in our lives.

    God says His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which He pleases. His healing scriptures spoken out will bring healing. And I believe that they not only will heal those who you speak them over, but they will then turn back like ripples in a pond and heal you, too.

    Here is a little part of a poem I saw once called “Drop a Pebble in the Water” that will always remind me of you and your beautiful words!

    Drop a pebble in the water:
    just a splash, and it is gone;
    But there’s half-a-hundred ripples
    Circling on and on and on,
    Spreading, spreading from the center,
    flowing on out to the sea.
    And there is no way of telling
    where the end is going to be.

    Drop a pebble in the water:
    in a minute you forget,
    But there’s little waves a-flowing,
    and there’s ripples circling yet,
    And those little waves a-flowing
    to a great big wave have grown;
    You’ve disturbed a mighty river
    just by dropping in a stone.

  4. Tracey,

    Please know that for every comment you receive here, there are so many more people who are reading, receiving the messages you so eloquently share and being touched by you. We see in you a strength of faith and spirit that we aspire to have. Thank you!

  5. Dearest Tracey – reading your blog is uplifting and inspiring. As your friend Jane expressed — it is hard watching you — someone that I care about and love, battle such a terrible disease…it often leaves me also feeling sad and guilty. I am so glad that your faith and love for our Lord is so strong…

    A few days ago you had blogged on being lifted by the Spirit — expressing the feeling of wanting to rise and be part of something that is “bigger than yourself”. This is what you do for me and others — you make us want to rise. When you came over my home, I was over joyed to see you — but once you left there was a feeling that I couldn’t express until I read your blog on “rising”. I wanted to get in my car and go do for others as you were doing. You have that affect — you bring the best out of those that you come into contact with whether in person or through your blog. The effect is a “domino” effect. Much Love, Michelle

  6. Sweet Tracey… Please know that the number of words you share in your blog is not what brings all of us to read. When you post the shortest entry, or even highlight the words of others that have touched your heart, you can have an equally powerful impact. In 1995, most of our friends had not yet experienced the loss of a parent. When Tom unexpectedly lost his dad, you were one of the first to contact him. I felt so inept at trying to comfort him; I simply could not understand the magnitude of his loss. But, you could. You came with few words, but had a book in hand: “Jesus Wept: Trusting the Good Shepherd When You Lose a Loved One,” by Leroy Brownlow. That book helped sustain Tom; he read it over and over. When I lost my own dad this February, your gift of that little book once again served as a tremendous source of comfort in our family. They may not have been your own words, but that thoughtful and meaningful gift helped sustain our family and provide your personal witness for almost twenty years… and will continue to serve far into our future. I’m sure our children will turn to your gift when Tom and I go as well, as they saw the power it had for us… and your short and sweet note on the title page will provide witness to your faith and your incredible ability to provide exactly the words we needed at exactly the right time. Tracey, YOU ARE LOVED… by more than just the folks who see you daily, and even by more than the folks who have seen you in the last few years… but by anyone who has ever been touched by your love. Count our family among those folks. ~With love, Evey (and Tom and Kate and Brad and…. a list of people that is longer than any post could hold)

  7. Hi Tracey, so much of what you post – well – I copy and paste and forward – often print – and is very often found on the refrigerators of our entire family from Anchorage to Roanoke ! God Bless You – Keep up the great work and encouraging all of us !….The Bentons

  8. Tracey, dearest Tracey…. Thank you! Thank YOU! Yes, YOU! I echo so many of the comments above and am so blessed to know you and to call you friend. So blessed God crossed our paths. What an inspiration you are. While I can’t see I read everyone one of your blogs, the ones I do, I’m always so touched and the ministers to me through your words, your heart work, your word play. So thank you for continuing to fight the good fight and perservere… for continuing to be our Father’s vessel… I say WOW God, WOW Tracey! Amazing!

  9. Tracey, You are clothed in Strength and Dignity!!! I love you, I admire you, and I miss you. I am so thankful to God that He has allowed you the continued gift of your “typing” hand. I KNOW you will prevail in learning to use your Tobbi compute. May the Lord continue to grace your life with wisdom, courage, strength, and love.

  10. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO

    Thanks for being a “living epistle” of walking out “the strength of weakness” for you have surely shown forth the “sufficiency of grace” to your situation. No matter what I face in the future, I trust I will do the same by your “iron sharpening iron”; that is me.

    Jeff Mitchell

  11. Hi Tracey, I always find your words inspiring and uplifting and funny too! You are truly a gift to all of us from our Lord. Thank you for sharing your words, your struggles and your journey!

    Now on a different subject, I have no idea if this will help you or not, but here goes. On my desktop computer, with Windows 7, I can put the keyboard on the screen. I go over to my programs and go down to ‘Accessories’, click on that, then go down more and click on ‘Ease of Access’ and then go a little further and click on ‘On-screen keyboard’. You can use your mouse to click each letter that you want and it types on the journal, or on Word, or wherever you might want to type. You can move the keyboard lower on the screen or higher, or to one side or the other. I’m sure it would be available on your laptop. I use a mouse with my laptop because I hate moving that little arrow and then touching the little pad, over and over and over. So that I wouldn’t tear up the finish on my laptop, I put down some sticky felt on one corner (smooth side up, of course!) and then got an optical mouse, I think that is what it is called. You can get a big mouse or little mouse, whichever you might still be able to use. Just a thought.

    Lucie’s ole buddy, June Ellis

  12. Tracey,
    You are so precious and dear. I echo every single comment. You are prayed for, loved, and special to everyone. It is true that to know you is to be your friend!

  13. Dear, Sweet Tracey,
    Thank you. Thank you so much.
    Every word you write is a present to me and to so many. I was absolutely astounded to see all the countries represented in your blog. Amazing. God works in mysterious ways.
    Thank you also for encouraging us to write you back. Sometimes I think I’m “bugging” you by responding. Of course you want to hear from us!
    I am so thankful, too, that your hand is still moving. I’ll say a prayer about the new system. You are so dedicated that I know it will come. But, I’ll pray for it to come fast!
    Tracey, God brings you to my mind every single day. I want to come see you soon.
    You’re special.
    Love you, Claudia

  14. Tracey, I want to tell you about “My Hero” who I met in the parking lot at the Baton Rouge Surgical Center. I had taken my wife to see Dr. Ferachi and parked far from the door(because I’m OC). There was a man in a wheelchair by himself trying to load his wheelchair in the back of his Ford Bronco. He had brackets on the side so he could hang on them since he couldn’t walk. I asked if he would like a hand, he said he could manage. I helped him anyway. He told me he had ALS. I asked why he was parked so far away and didn’t have a handicap sticker. He told me he didn’t ‘t need one. I’m sorry I didn’t ask his name. He had so much courage. I think of him often, he didn’t realize that he touched me, but he did. You have touched me, and many others with your words. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your wisdom every day. Fred

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. Tracey, Thank you so very much for your posts, I always look forward to them because they are so sweetly you. I often refer to them in our pure heart meetings…sometimes I print them out for those who aren ‘t on the computer. We all miss you and we all love you!!!

  16. Oh, Tracey. Thank you for the blog entry today. You have been so honest and open in your posts and so must I. The message to your “Readers” has me sobbing. (And your post could have just as easily addressed your “Friends” because every reader of your beautiful blog instantly knows your heart and becomes a friend, no matter how far they are.)
    This is just so unfair and sad. I cry for you, your beautiful family, and selfishly, for us, your friends. We pretend to be “UP” in hopes that it will make your day better, even possibly make you feel better. Yet we, like you, struggle between the desire to be positive, hopeful, optimistic, trusting in our Father and his plan for your life; and the never ending temptation to give in to anger, grief, and sadness. We don’t want to make you MORE sad or bring you down. But real friends must be able to be honest and show each other their hearts, like a marriage: in sickness and in health….in good times and bad.
    And then there’s the guilt. Everyone reading this knows exactly to what I’m referring. The guilt of complaining about traffic, our kids, our jobs, a crowded parking lot, school, the heat, the COLD, a sore back, about not knowing what to say to you…… you name it. For me, it’s also the guilt of neglecting you while I fought my own personal battles, spiritual warfare, and painful change. It all seems so trivial and selfish. We cry out the same words you do, “Why?”….. “Why Tracey, God?”…..and “Why can’t it be a child molester who got this disease; someone who deserves it!!!???” We shake our fists raised high in our minds and occasionally, we actually do it as we express our anger to God.
    I also have conversations in my mind with you. They are sometimes in your guest bedroom where we shared a Dearman’s cheeseburger. Sometimes we are in one of the cottages in the painting you posted on your blog a long time ago. Sometimes we are outside your window where you observe the birds and nature that you so often referred to in your writings.
    With all the sadness, I cannot deny the blessing you and your blog have been in my life. You inspire so many with your courage and faith that can move mountains. Your blog posts have been like Bible lessons for me. I’ve learned so much from you. I know in my heart that ultimately we all trust in God and His promises. We will meet up in Heaven one day. NONE of us knows the hour of our own death.
    I feel privileged to call you friend. Even when you don’t feel well enough to blog again, I will start from the beginning and soak once again, in the words that have gushed out of your “Beautiful Mind.”
    I love you.

  17. Tracey, I think of you often and marvel at the friend , mother and spouse you are. I admire the job you have done as mother. This impact is unending and permanent, as are the thoughts and comments generated from only your picture. If there is any need you have please don’t hesitate to share . Love John Neyland

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. Tracey-I always read your posts- they inspire me, move me, challenge me, break my heart, make me smile, encourage me, and most of all, show me what a true woman of God is like. Thank you for that!!!

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