Monday’s Manna Moment: April 28, 2014: Freedom

Do I have an amazing moment to share with you:

I have this Scripture painted on my bedroom wall:

photo copy 9


I love finding the sacred in the secular. God is everywhere and in everything: Seek Him out!!!

We’ve all been “beat up” by somebody at some time. Words, blows, pushes or intimidation. It makes my righteous blood boil with anger. God takes care of His own and those people will be called to account for their actions. God have mercy on them cause I have a feeling He is not gonna “be a happy camper.”

I think for most of us, at some point, and then some+, this world is so not what we thought it would be. There is freedom from the Lord in any circumstance. Seek and you will find!!! As Christians, we are all on our way to our heavenly home. This is just a temporary training ground. My love and blessings, twe

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Manna Moment: April 28, 2014: Freedom

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  2. A quote I recently read by C.S. Lewis reads: “You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” Sort of follows what you’ve shared here, Tracey. And, yes, it is amazing how God uses the secular sometimes to show us more of Himself. I read your words and cherish them all. How wonderfully God is using your soul – who you are – to minister to so many of us! Thank you, Tracey.

  3. I agree with you, Tracey. It seems as I grow older, and wiser, and closer to the Lord, the hurts of the world cut deeper than in my younger days. Yes, there is a deep persistent longing for our heavenly home. Like the man flying through the air I feel my freedom out on the roads, running. My escape, where there is only me, my praise music, mother nature, and God! Thanks for reminding me to seek out God in the secular as well.

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