Devotional: My Song is With You.

IMG_2505This is from “Jesus Today.”

A friend and I just let it fall open to this page.

I can’t really hold a pencil anymore but I indicated what to underline.

If you have a hard day or night, I hope this based on Psalm 42:8 and 63:6-8.

Love to you and yours, twe


7 thoughts on “Devotional: My Song is With You.

  1. Tracey, I had bought this book and then ended up giving it to a dear friend of mine who had a lot of hurt going on in her life. This is the friend who I had make the crosses for you and your girls. This book and this passage in particular, really do minister to those of us who are hurting and having trials in our lives. I love the comfort it brings. Thank you for sharing. Much love and many prayers.

  2. You always seem to find inspiration that can help everyone – from someone with surgery to someone just struggling with everyday life. Thank you. Love you. Michelle

  3. Thank you for sharing those comforting words. I am having restless nights healing from ACL reconstuctive surgery and anxiety starts rearing it’s ugly head … I will re-look at that time as alone time with HIM. Love you and think of you often.

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