10 thoughts on “It is okay!

  1. Tracey, I love the simple clarity of your last post. Somewhere I read a similar version that went something like this. “It’s all okay, has been okay and will always be okay.” A good reminder for me to live by. thanks, alan

  2. Thank you, Tracey. You’ll never know how much you have touched me through your incredible family through the years, and through your simple, yet profound words through this blog. I always come away from reading with a sense of peace, whatever the circumstances I am in or in which you write. That is truly the hand of God across the miles and through our spirits which are “one in the bond of love.” Yes, it’s going to be OK! –Judy

  3. : ) enjoy your evening!
    Appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement today! Always leave encouraged and feeling like I had a little salt sprinkled on me, (Ruth Graham) desiring more of the father.
    Thank you for who you are!

  4. Tracey. I love the picture on this blog. I can picture you swinging here. A glass of iced tea. A good book. Some music. NOOOOO mosquitos. Can’t wait to swing with you. Love, Claudia

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