Monday Manna Moment


How different would just one day be if we kept our hand in God’s back pocket?!?!?!

 I’ve been lost 3+ times already today.

These are his play jeans. He took you to the summer fair and bought you cotton candy!!! Then He bought you popcorn to offset the sugar. You were thirsty so he bought you a coke!!! Tummy ache in tow, He left you to your dreams.

Much Love, TWE


2 thoughts on “Monday Manna Moment

  1. This reminded me of a time when I was 12 and had flown on an airplane by myself. On my return home, I stepped off the plan expecting to see my parents there waiting for me. They were no where in sight. As fear settled in, holding back tears I began to walk slowly to where I didn’t know. No cell phones at the time. What seemed like forever was probably only minutes, I finally saw my father coming towards me. I picked up speed and walked straight into his arms and then the tears came pouring out. Turns out he had had to convince the airport personnel to allow him to go through security; they wouldn’t allow him to do so at first. He knew I would be scared and wouldn’t know what to do.
    Even when we can’t seem to find our way to God our Father, He seems to always find His way to us. Much of the time, like when I was younger, when the Father makes His presence known to me, there are tears that accompany this happy union! Keep your hand in his back pocket or on the fringe of His robe, my dearest friend. Either place works. I love you!!!

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