The Heart of Music

Legacy when done with love I believe is not just temporal but eternal. When intention is passed down in the way they should go, a chord is struck and heard across the heavens.  It not only catches God’s ear but it composes a new melody in His heart.  As parents or grandparents we are called to live out and call forth family giftings that speak the Hands of God’s Glory.  It’s not about the “gift” it’s the intention of calling forth through the generations.  His “craft” of Hand: cooking, academia, sports, etc.  Speak it through the legacy of your children.  Watch relationship carry “strings” of Glory into eternal script that lights up the heavens and reflects into our relational lives.  Pass it on.  To Him be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “The Heart of Music

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words that speak God’s life, love, and hope for our children. Have a wonderful beach trip. I will see you when you return! Sending you a hug! Kris Ann

  2. Ooh…you have to know that these words touch my soul! I love the language, the metaphors, the sweetness, the heart of what you have written! I heard these guys on America’s Got Talent last week, and was blown away. Their grandfather was so proud, standing just offstage, and they wanted nothing more than to honor his instruction and time with them over the years. What a wonderful example! You and I certainly share the love and discipline of music in so many ways! –Judy Snow

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