Tuesday’s Tickle: Iced Down

For those of you that haven’t heard there is a new challenge going viral! Watch/Read about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bellow. It is raising ALS awareness and money for the ALS association all over the country!

Ice Bucket Challenge Explanation

Look below at videos of Emily Kelty and Alyssa Yammarino (my niece):

Join the challenge and get iced! Happy Tuesday!!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tickle: Iced Down

  1. Did you see the video of Steve Gleason doing it? Awesome! He challenged Drew Brees and then Drew challenged Bobby Jindal. Bobby challenged Les Miles. It is really spreading awareness! Love you bunches!

  2. I was just watching last night on my facebook page people getting iced down. I got the idea that I am going to ice down Donna and she can ice down me! 🙂 Anything for ALS awareness. Tell Donna I’m coming for her. 🙂 Then we will challenge others to do the same.

  3. Hi Tracey, my son, John Snow, took this challenge over the weekend, and iced down in Baton Rouge! Love the idea in support of ALS research! Thinking of you! –Judy Snow

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