Dew-Kissed and Clipped


As a thoughtful gift, a dear friend sent glorious flowers.  I pondered the deep colors and became aware how fragmented my feelings are at the moment.  I can’t “feel” the warmth of the beauty.

“God”, I cried out, “this is so not like me.  I am use to the whole experience and then some.”

As He usually does, He rarely answers me directly.  I heard Him whisper “I was up early and saw my flower still kissed with dew.  I hand clipped each flower for you.”

You too have hand clipped gifts through out your day.  If you can’t feel it to the fullest yet, stop and give thanks.  It is part of His intimacy with you.

8 thoughts on “Dew-Kissed and Clipped

  1. Tracey, I miss you so. The flowers are such a reminder of His faithfulness, His love, and His hope for you and all of us. I read Jesus calling every morning and evening and He is always reminding me of His presence and just as you stated be thankful and praise him for everything. I thank God for you and all your love you have given to me
    through your example of His love. I pray every day for you and your family. His love surrounds all of you.

    Love, Elaine

  2. Oh Tracey, what a wonderful reminder of His constant intimacy which He gives us now & forever ….. eternally!!!!
    love you for bringing to “us” such truths, such realities …. God offers us the WHOLE experience He has for is – not some, not partially but the whole of what He wants for us & He wants ONLY what’s very good!!!!
    As I pray for you right now I have an image of Jesus on His knees praying for us ….. 24/7….Wonder what He’s praying right now!?!?
    Much love to you & your precious family.

  3. Beautifully said! A word aptly spoken! He inhabits our praises! I love you! Your words are always so uplifting as I am reminded of His great love!! Bless you! You are in my many thoughts and prayers!! Will bring pics of our precious miracle next week! Thank you for crying out to our Father on little Roses behalf! She is just heavenly!

  4. Tracey,
    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful even when we don’t feel like it. I think of you very often, and I am petitioning the Lord on your behalf! I am praying that His mercies are new every day for you and your sweet family. Love to you all!

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