We Are Made To Run!

I have a few friends running half and full marathons.  I have great admiration for them, although I secretly confess I worry about what it could do to their bodies.  It might surprise some of you, I loved our PE rotation through “track.”  I was a “short distance” runner… Fifty Yard Dash and Relay Race.  I was pretty fast in elementary school.  I hear you laughing 🙂

That was a “side bar,” Connie.  I was listening to SC Chapman today… It made me smile 🙂


“We are made to run in the fields forever.”

Steven Curtis Chapman

3 thoughts on “We Are Made To Run!

  1. I can picture you running freely laughing and smiling! You have completed much more than marathons in your life! Love you! Nicole

  2. Dearest Tracey – My Precious Prissy Pot,
    I am so very joyful that Tobi is up & running. Punkie aka Herman, Mama Sybel & I so enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving dinner with you all. We always have a beautiful time with you, Bucky & the girls. Mine & Punkie’s date night with you & Bucky at your home last Saturday night was so much fun. This brings me to the “side bar” you mentioned today to me in your Blog. I will always remember the first time we were at the beach & we began laughing about Herman( Punkie) & Bucky doing those “side bar” conversations. And they still do them now & you & I still get the biggest kick out of those two amazing men. There are NOT many Hermans & Buckys in this world. Our Father in Heaven truly blessed us with the two most wonderful husbands in the world. Yes, they can definitely get on our nerves(Haha) . But I can say, with no doubt in my heart, that they are the best 2 men on the face of this earth. I am so thankful that we have them. And I love the way that Punkie & Bucky are so close and they are each other’s BESTIES. I pray for you, Bucky & the girls every single day. Tracey, I love you to the moon & back and back and back again and again. Hugs, Connie Frank – Your Lady Bug

  3. Tracey, as one of your crazy friends who likes to run half marathons (not whole ones) I particularly loved the verse in Chapman’s song “we were made to run in fields of forever!” I also love the scripture verse in Isaiah40:31 “They will RUN and not grow weary”. Running on fields of forever and not getting tired–pure joy! Remember, we all may be crawling to the finish line, but we are going to Run Fast across it into the arms of our precious Jesus. You will be running with me in the Reindeer Run tomorrow night like you were last year. Do you remember?
    I am soooo happy Tobi is working again. I love you. 🙂

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