“Need” in Whispers

Enter with me where time and place stand still. Beyond me and my circumstance, His Hand reaches through the veil that hides the reality of His Kingdom, Thy will be done. My family and close friends witnessed the heavenly host fight for me through the song of Plumb.

Close friends, Frank and Gaye gifted us with tickets to the KLOVE Christmas concert. Plumb filled the church with her voice to bless us with Christmas carols and her song, “Need You Now” (I’ve featured on another post). I’m gonna tell you I bawled like a baby. It touches every fiber of my faith. There are no words to express the depth of where my suffering meets her song journey. As she stood side stage, I could see her silhouette out of the corner of my eye. I had closed my eyes to Worship names into the Chris August song. I heard the angelic rustle of satin closing in… And I felt her soft cheek brush my tear-glazed cheek, her beautiful curls tumble over my flat unstyled hair. (lol) My eyes fluttered open to the wonder of Plumb whispering in my ear. (She gifted me with a glory of hope token, you will have to read my book for this revelation). Truth tickled joy alive as she…Prayed something like this,”Lord, I don’t know what this precious sister is going through, but I ask that you put your arms around her. Embrace her circumstance so she knows more of your love. Oh Father, be here for her so this will be her best Christmas ever. Amen.” She kissed my forehead, and we locked moist eyes. I felt time stop and Plumb saw into my story. Not being able to speak or move, I put all I had in gratitude and love in my eye language back to her. My hand so wanted to reach out of my heart to touch her. The moment felt so ethereal. “I love you,” she said with the authority of His Kingdom. I heard the love of Jesus telling me, through her voice, “I will bless the sacrifice of your suffering far and beyond your expectations” (Eph. 3:20).  I squeezed my face to emulate a hug. She touched my head and was gone as quickly as she came.

I had to work hard to get my composure back from such a significant blessing.

How do you thank someone for stopping time in the face of minute and hour hands that threaten to press the life out of me. Time is not the reality that govern our days and nights. Love governs His Kingdom. God’s love comes down at Christmas (Point of Grace), to remind us it is timeless, extending into eternity.

Merry Christmas Plumb, I love you too. Thank you for singing Jesus into my heart.



10 thoughts on ““Need” in Whispers

  1. Wow, how we feel your heart! Guess that’s where the term “heartfelt ” comes from. You are the embodiment of it- thanks for sharing yours. Lord knows we need more of your style praise & worship. Like Plumb says, “God, we need you now”. We need you to keep sharing in the way only you can. We love u so,
    Frank & Gaye

  2. Wow, what an amazing experience! Kissed by Joel of For King and Country and now hugged, loved on and prayed for by Plumb!!! All straight from the heart of God. Every time I hear Plumb’s song” I Need You Now”, I always think of you. This could be your battle cry. I have missed you these past 2 weeks and cant wait to see and hug you soon!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos; I love them.

  3. Tracey Becca,
    You have such a gift! Your sharing of Christ’s love is so beautiful. Your words tore my heart out! I am so grateful that Frank and Gaye gave you such a beautiful, well deserved gift. You are such a light and encouragement to all of us who love you so.
    Thanks for your sweet e-mail yesterday. I hope that all of your girls were with you and Bucky for Jesus’ birthday.
    We will tell you all about our San Miguel trip when we come to Baton Rouge soon.
    We love you!
    Hugs and prayers,
    Char Mama

  4. It is very wonderful to read this post – as always, there is a beauty in your words that is full of hope and love for our Lord. Yes, if you are writing a book – I definitely would love to read it. I am so thankful that Frank and Gaye gave you this wonderful gift. I keep you in my prayers and heart and continually ask the Lord to ease your pain and suffering. You are amazing.
    Love Michelle

  5. Such powerful, poignant, and perfectly descriptive words, Tracey….my soul has been touched through this post in a way that it never has before. My heart is full, and it is breaking that your sacrifice of suffering is ministering to me when I should be on my knees in prayer for you. With tears and joy, I want you to know that you continue to be daily in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience tonight.

  6. Sweet Tracey, I’m so thankful for whatever you are using to help you get the words out of your beautiful heart onto paper. These thoughts were precious, and the sweetness and tenderness of Jesus’ love for you to whisper words of life through a sister’s lips that encouraged and blessed you is such evidence of how He still enters time and space to be with us, to hold us near His heart. Thanks so much for sharing. Have you written a book, or are you in the process? I would stand in a very long line to get a copy, so where, when, and how? I love you! Xox


  7. Praise the ability of our Lord to touch your heart and give His love to you in a tangible way. God had skin on this night. I’m so happy for that wonderful moment. And you’re right, Tracey. God is using your sacrifice of suffering right now. And He will use it in the future. Tracey, you will walk and dance in the Kingdom wearing a glorious crown of heavenly jewels. I will sing with you. You are a dear heart.

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