The Fragrance

Author’s Prescript:


In a dear friend reading, Streams in the Desert, I was struck by this goodness

in reference to my girls.

I wanted to share this with you.

Attach1Now your challenge is…

Who are the violets in your life??? 

Streams in the Dessert

7 thoughts on “The Fragrance

  1. You are the violet in my life. Your expressions and heartfelt words tell of your love for our Savior. I have Jesus Calling which Jen and Lisa gave to me Christmas of 2013. I read every morning and evening and by these readings God has brought me oh so close to him. You have been such an example in my life. Love you so much!!

  2. Beautiful-just like their Momma.You tended to your garden (of children) so well and your fruit is wonderful! Your girls are amazing!

  3. A dear friend of mine gave me a copy of “Streams in the Desert” a few years ago. I read it every morning before I start my day. So often, the daily reading fits perfectly with how I am feeling about a current struggle in my life. I am very blessed to have “violets” in my life. Beautiful.

  4. I love violets! At Cedardale they were wild and had probably been there for years just popping up season after season in the most strategic places. When we moved 7 years ago can I tell you how delighted I was when I saw them pop up in a pot plant that had made the move?!! Now I have them all around year after year as they find their own places to bloom. Now when I see them I will be reminded to pray for each one of you beautiful girls. Thanks Tracey for your heart words.

  5. Now this, my dear friend, is encouragement to live out God’s uniqueness in me. Love you to pieces for continuing to share your beautiful heart and great mind.

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