“Christ will swallow up death in victory” by Richard Sibbes

Tolle Lege

“‘He shall swallow up death in victory, and wipe away tears from all faces.’ (Isaiah 25:8) Death is here represented to us under the word victory, as a combatant, as one that we are to fight withal, a captain.

And then here is the victory of him, Christ overcomes him, and overcomes him gloriously. It is not only a conquest, but a swallowing of him up.

Usually God useth all sorts of enemies in their own kind. He causeth them that spoil to be spoiled, them that swallow up to be swallowed up. So death the great swallower shall be swallowed up.

Beloved, death is the great king of kings, and the emperor of emperors, the great captain and ruling king of the world; for no king hath such dominion as death hath. It spreads its government and victory over all nations.

He is equal, though a tyrant. As a…

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2 thoughts on ““Christ will swallow up death in victory” by Richard Sibbes

  1. Tracey, I really liked this author. I have two other writers of this period that are my absolute favorites: Hannah Whitall Smith and Andrew Murray. If you like this writing, you would probably like this book, “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life.” My pastor gave it to me when I graduated from high school and it sat on my shelf, unread, for over 30 years. When I finally read it, it became one of my favorites. Of course, you’ve probably read it too! Here’s an audio version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUlRn3PmkVM

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