Future Posts

To All,

We have been so blessed with all that Tracey has left with us to “tide us over” until we reunite in Heaven. This includes blog posts that she had saved as drafts and not yet posted. We will occasionally be publishing these in the future and wanted to ensure that you know that these are her words. We hope that these future posts will continue to speak to you, as we know Tracey wishes she could be doing in person today.

Thank you for all of your love and support during this time.


The Elofson Family

6 thoughts on “Future Posts

  1. What a treat to get this! It has been such a privilege for my family to have crossed paths with your amazing family. I think and pray for you all everyday.

  2. I just received and am reading this post as beautiful violin and piano music plays on Pandora, reminding me of my sweet friend. I miss her so much but am very grateful for the time your family and the Lord shared her with me.
    Forever in my heart,

  3. Wow!!! This is awesome! Thank you for continuing to share. I’ve never known someone who “banked” so much love and wisdom like Mrs. Tracey did. Love you all and praying for you still.

  4. Tracey continues to live in all of us as we live out all she taught us through her extravagant love for us! Praying without ceasing that you feel the Lord’s loving arms wrapped around each of you! I know this is not an easy journey for your precious family. You are loved deeply! Love, Kris Ann

  5. Yeah!! Such great news! I am really looking forward to opening my inbox and seeing emails from TWE and gleaning from each and every morsel of wisdom that Tracey has written!

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