Tuesday’s Tickle: Best Day Ever

Where along our path to adulthood, do we lose this delight?

Take it from me, life is too short, make today the best day ever!!!

(This is Constance’s niece at Disney World a few months ago.)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tickle: Best Day Ever

  1. Whenever Tracey was excited or we figured out what she was asking us, her entire face would light up with so much life and love! I remember at the Casting Crowns concert seeing her face so alive, probably because she not only loved the music, but was surrounded by her family and her friends who love her so much! I picture you, Tracey, laughing and smiling in heaven with lots of animation. I needed this yesterday. I love you, sweet Elofsons!

  2. This post had great timing for me…..which is so like Tracey. Whenever I was struggling with something – Tracey would do a post to her blog that hit home. It is wonderful to read Tracey’s thoughts and know that she is still lifting our spirits and trying to guide us!

  3. Tracey Becca,
    How we miss you already! We are so grateful that our Friend and Savior took you to be with Him before you had to suffer any longer. I wish I could hug all of your “Love Birds” who did so much for you, Bucky, and the girls. What a treasure and blessing they have been to your family for these 3+ years!! God has a special place for each and everyone of them—including the male version of the Love Birds–Bucky’s Gang– the Love Buzzards maybe??
    We will be eternally grateful for each of these special “Angels” who God is probably reserving a crown for, when they are reunited with their– and our dearTracey.
    May god give you the peace that you so richly deserve.
    I love you!
    Char Mama

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