It’s A Top Secret Mission


It’s a top secret mission, if you choose to accept it I think there is only one other person that knows about this little “personified practice of pause” God came up with.

The purpose:

1.  Increase my awareness of the Trinity:  Father/Son/Holy Spirit.

2.  Moving the power of this mystery amongst the community.

3.  It feels like a silent, sacred seal of God’s anointing.

Now that sounds all heavy and complex, but it’s not.  It’s child’s play in KINGDOM proportions.  So let’s not waste a moment’s time.  This game is like Candy Land.  Only rule is each turn, you jump ahead three squares 🙂  So, look for opportunities for three.  (Each time I say to myself, “sealed by the Trinity, Amen,” pray whatever He leads.)  Hug:  three pats, three balloons, the stamps, the roses, three!!!, three kisses, wipe your feet three times before entering a home.  Limitless opportunities.  Be intentional and have fun.  I don’t know what God is up to, I just know it is KINGDOM significant.  The more we play, the more Glory is released.  Imagine if you started a world movement.  Get started, everyone go to the bank, exchange one dollar for one hundred shiny new pennies.  Drop three on the sidewalk.  It is visible only in triad moves.  Wipe your feet three times, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Kiss that baby on the head three times, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Leave three gerber daisies at someone’s backdoor, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  My personal favorite is, pat someone on the back during a hug three times, Father, Son, and Holy Spirt.  It is sealing a touch of life with HIS hand.  Be creative.

Ready, set, go 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Need” in Whispers

Enter with me where time and place stand still. Beyond me and my circumstance, His Hand reaches through the veil that hides the reality of His Kingdom, Thy will be done. My family and close friends witnessed the heavenly host fight for me through the song of Plumb.

Close friends, Frank and Gaye gifted us with tickets to the KLOVE Christmas concert. Plumb filled the church with her voice to bless us with Christmas carols and her song, “Need You Now” (I’ve featured on another post). I’m gonna tell you I bawled like a baby. It touches every fiber of my faith. There are no words to express the depth of where my suffering meets her song journey. As she stood side stage, I could see her silhouette out of the corner of my eye. I had closed my eyes to Worship names into the Chris August song. I heard the angelic rustle of satin closing in… And I felt her soft cheek brush my tear-glazed cheek, her beautiful curls tumble over my flat unstyled hair. (lol) My eyes fluttered open to the wonder of Plumb whispering in my ear. (She gifted me with a glory of hope token, you will have to read my book for this revelation). Truth tickled joy alive as she…Prayed something like this,”Lord, I don’t know what this precious sister is going through, but I ask that you put your arms around her. Embrace her circumstance so she knows more of your love. Oh Father, be here for her so this will be her best Christmas ever. Amen.” She kissed my forehead, and we locked moist eyes. I felt time stop and Plumb saw into my story. Not being able to speak or move, I put all I had in gratitude and love in my eye language back to her. My hand so wanted to reach out of my heart to touch her. The moment felt so ethereal. “I love you,” she said with the authority of His Kingdom. I heard the love of Jesus telling me, through her voice, “I will bless the sacrifice of your suffering far and beyond your expectations” (Eph. 3:20).  I squeezed my face to emulate a hug. She touched my head and was gone as quickly as she came.

I had to work hard to get my composure back from such a significant blessing.

How do you thank someone for stopping time in the face of minute and hour hands that threaten to press the life out of me. Time is not the reality that govern our days and nights. Love governs His Kingdom. God’s love comes down at Christmas (Point of Grace), to remind us it is timeless, extending into eternity.

Merry Christmas Plumb, I love you too. Thank you for singing Jesus into my heart.



Majestic Motion. . .

We have to stop meeting like this. The kids at school might find out. And so I gave into peer pressure. My mother had rocked me long past her ability to carry me to my bed. The comfort in that motion, and being held like that, cradled. . .well, it’s sheer magnificence.

I spent hours alone on my grandmother’s porch swing, entertaining myself with motion. The higher the better. I even learned to lay down and push it with my feet. That swing was my friend.

My cousins and I spent chunks of our days rocking on my Aunt Gay’s and Uncle Bill’s front porch. We rocked so hard and so fast, we would almost rock ourselves right off the porch. We would have to stop and pull the rocker back in place to begin again. We claimed our youth on that front porch.

I’ve invited conversation on swings and rocking chairs, that carried the motion beyond it’s limit, into God’s sacred space.

IMG_3605  My sister Lu and I have walked the beach to find a swing put there, alone, in the sand. If we timed it right we would swing over the in-coming tide and our bare feet tickled by the salt water ruffles.

 The search was extensive. I rocked in every rocking chair and glider in the city, endless practice for love to be set in this motion.  Baby after baby glided into their days, nights, feedings, first books. Every glide went from moment to mile in close embrace. Miles and miles upon miles of motion into momentous love.

A nursery glider was brought home to ease transitions for our little gifts of hope. It never made it to the nursery. It stayed mommy bedside. Swaddled with love, we placed them in to move those pink bundles in rhythm with the pulse of their needs. My love kept a tired hand resting on the rail, to push at slight stirrings or grunts to move each little baby girl into the comfort of a gentle sway of dream washed slumber.

Little legs learned to pump back and forth to look into the sky and how I wanted them to fly. I pushed their little bottoms long after they needed the push, I could inch them higher with my push and the thrill of their precious smiles kept me pushing past the evening light.

The tree, it held on it’s best limb, a tree swing, a rounded wooden seat. The rope had to be replaced several times. Parties and the kids lined up in a long wait to fly through the air on the life of this tree limb. They flew so high, I might turn my head, in fear of a fall. I remember the day my husband talked me into a swing, and I agreed if it was low. I was soon begging for higher and I cherished every child’s soaked moment of delight. The day that tree had to come down, was a sad day in our family life of memories.

Motion is the thing from which life is made.  Take every walk, ride, or swing and claim the rhythm as your own. God set the world in motion, let His Hand turn turn majestic into your world.

Give thanks for motion.

5024980725_2da761d882Swing Pic

Dew-Kissed and Clipped


As a thoughtful gift, a dear friend sent glorious flowers.  I pondered the deep colors and became aware how fragmented my feelings are at the moment.  I can’t “feel” the warmth of the beauty.

“God”, I cried out, “this is so not like me.  I am use to the whole experience and then some.”

As He usually does, He rarely answers me directly.  I heard Him whisper “I was up early and saw my flower still kissed with dew.  I hand clipped each flower for you.”

You too have hand clipped gifts through out your day.  If you can’t feel it to the fullest yet, stop and give thanks.  It is part of His intimacy with you.

Sunday’s Showcase: My Favorite Bible Verses and Why #1

God did not highlight verses for me. (My relationship with the Lord began as a child with Psalm 123) I began my first Bible study after my mom died at the age of thirty. “Disciple,” a year long commitment in our Methodist Church. After a year of intense study, I left with more questions than answers. All in God’s time. He exposed me to the Truth and blessed me with seasoned authentic Christians 🙂 Yet, through continuous Bible Studies, nothing seemed to stand out personally. There will be verses I will share over the next weeks, that all have significance to me, but I start here, because this is my life verse. I was reading on my back porch, spinning with this ALS diagnosis, and this verse entered my next life-moment and grace grew like seeds in the wind. I’ve since seen power being perfected through weaknesses in my character, my marriage, my parenting, “my ministry,” my friendships and my life workings through the circumstance of this disease. The cost of this disease is incomprehensible. It is not a sweet, soft grace that falls gently like a new-fallen snow. It is a grace that grits its teeth through the fierce hunger that comes in the dark of the night on an empty stomach.

Extravagant Grace

  • Intimacy of my faith. I was private with how and when I expressed it. I wasn’t hiding it. God was teaching me good stewardship. This experience has exposed those seeds to the winds. My four daughters have learned more about my faith in the last two years than perhaps all the years prior in our “normal mother-daughter  moments.” It is the power perfected in the intimacy of grace that grows sufficiency. 
  • Legacy of life. I was full speed ahead with family in tow, creativity and passion for our Lord oozing out of every crack and crevice and en-joying every minute of my “Kingdom Play.” I never would have slowed enough to craft this Blog or play with a book. Both small endeavors, they do vest some thing tangible for my family. It is the power perfected in the silliness of grace in which life launches big.
  • Love reaches beyond. I have never felt loved with such intentional devotion.  God has brought new friends with which I would never have crossed paths. Current friends God placed in new places. Old friends God brought to new heights. It’s the kind of love I anticipated in heaven but never expected to experience here on earth. My understanding, as is my family’s, of the limitless potential with the heart for love, is forever challenged. It is the power perfected in the grace from loss that opens into possibilities.


Shane and Shane    Grace is Sufficient

Tuesday’s Tickle: Her Song

The tickle is one of the most underutilized life-giving dynamics I know. I’m talking about tempting your sacred imagination to stay with me here. There is plenty to take serious in our days. If we take this life too seriously, it seems to me we miss links of joy that hint at “kingdom come now.” I’ve, at times, experienced “tickles” to stir life into my day.

I understand the tickles to be the indwelling Holy Spirit playing, kingdom play, with my spiritual growth. Awakening me to the joys that make kingdom life more real here and now. Our realities are skewed with a weighted perspective in worldly things. Things like loss, money, doctors, worry, work, grief, responsibility, education, marriage, even parenting.

I am suggesting that we’ve forgotten how to break out of our weighted lives to play.

To live fully in a moment of joy connects the business of humanity to the enlightenment of the divinity. 


 On Tuesdays, Let’s enjoy some light hearted moments that awakens joy into our beings. The Lord has a great sense of play. He knows we need play and the joy it creates to live abundantly and tap into our eternal lingerings. So en-joy!!!


Tea Time: March 11, 2014: The Wall of Fear: Part II

I experience the worldly, “fleshly” side of self in it’s full blown intensity. It’s just how I’m made. I’m passionate about life, so I feel things deeply. Maybe some of you can relate. Regardless of how your feelings fall on our continuum, we’ve all got flesh/feelings to process through to discover emotional maturity and our greater spiritual selves. I refuse to minimize our heart lives and I refuse to minimize our spirit-filled identity. I might add here our  own Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. We are some imperfect mix. . .”messy glory”. . .made to reflect Him through a glass darkly:

1 Corinthians 13:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.


That girl curled up in a ball of misery? The intensity of the darkness?  The thick wall of fear holding us on the inside of our journey. Things are not as they appear. Break through that intimidating wall of fear into more of our destiny. From a Kingdom perspective. . .

Doing Faith afraid can be stepping through and beyond the wall into. . .

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