Monday Manna Moment Life in Crisis



I am Chicken Little when it comes to the hard stuff. I want to run saying,

“My sky is falling.”

This testimony and sermon is life changing. The faith and vulnerable counsel herein is the real thing. Open witness from these authentic Christians inspires higher and broader skies in a threatening horizon.

Thank you Johnny and Roxanne for your courageous faith, life and cherished friendship!!!


Monday Manna Moment


How different would just one day be if we kept our hand in God’s back pocket?!?!?!

 I’ve been lost 3+ times already today.

These are his play jeans. He took you to the summer fair and bought you cotton candy!!! Then He bought you popcorn to offset the sugar. You were thirsty so he bought you a coke!!! Tummy ache in tow, He left you to your dreams.

Much Love, TWE


Monday’s Manna Moment: A Conversation

“You take care of the possible and trust God for the impossible.”

-Ruth Graham

Monday’s Manna Moment: April 28, 2014: Freedom

Do I have an amazing moment to share with you:

I have this Scripture painted on my bedroom wall:

photo copy 9


I love finding the sacred in the secular. God is everywhere and in everything: Seek Him out!!!

We’ve all been “beat up” by somebody at some time. Words, blows, pushes or intimidation. It makes my righteous blood boil with anger. God takes care of His own and those people will be called to account for their actions. God have mercy on them cause I have a feeling He is not gonna “be a happy camper.”

I think for most of us, at some point, and then some+, this world is so not what we thought it would be. There is freedom from the Lord in any circumstance. Seek and you will find!!! As Christians, we are all on our way to our heavenly home. This is just a temporary training ground. My love and blessings, twe

Monday’s Manna Moment: Mark Driscoll on Joy in Suffering

“Why have I come into this existence to suffer this level of pain?”

“Will we suffer in a way that is purposeful?”

Purposeful suffering. . .wow. . .I am prayerfully pondering the kingdom impact of making this concept.

“Know the man Paul so you can trust him as teacher.”

“Will your suffering find purpose in you?”

“Will your hardship be wasted?”

“We may articulate our theology but we demonstrate our beliefs through our suffering.”

This a powerful statement. It is so real so raw in it’s reach, it almost stings. Do you know what I mean?

I think we have to tread carefully here. Almost like leaving bloody footprints in freshly fallen snow. I’m just not graphic like that but when God gives me a striking picture, I try to obediently use it. Suffering waxes and wanes as does the intensity of our response to it. Our belief system may or may not be portrayed at any given moment as our humanity processes the pain. Given the grace of our Lord, perhaps it might more accurately approach the truth to say:

We may articulate our theology but we demonstrate our beliefs when (not if but when) The Resurrection rises in triumph over the suffering.