Kingdom Building Through Dad


“The male of the family carries the weighted glory

in his tone and words.

The Kingdom building within each home is strengthened

by his grace and mercy.”

Sounds like the strength of assurance with Ashlyn built kingdom strength into our family.

Great job Dad!

(A text I sent to Bucky)

Dew-Kissed and Clipped


As a thoughtful gift, a dear friend sent glorious flowers.  I pondered the deep colors and became aware how fragmented my feelings are at the moment.  I can’t “feel” the warmth of the beauty.

“God”, I cried out, “this is so not like me.  I am use to the whole experience and then some.”

As He usually does, He rarely answers me directly.  I heard Him whisper “I was up early and saw my flower still kissed with dew.  I hand clipped each flower for you.”

You too have hand clipped gifts through out your day.  If you can’t feel it to the fullest yet, stop and give thanks.  It is part of His intimacy with you.

God Goes Viral

The battle can feel so isolated.  God heard my desperate pleas.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  Exodus 14:14

You answered His call in a BIG way to armor up and wage battle for our LORD on my behalf!!!  Humble crocodile tears of great gratitude shed in response to your generous offerings.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In His love and mine, TWE

P.S. Please check back on Tuesday’s Tickle post for additional ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos.


The Heart of Music

Legacy when done with love I believe is not just temporal but eternal. When intention is passed down in the way they should go, a chord is struck and heard across the heavens.  It not only catches God’s ear but it composes a new melody in His heart.  As parents or grandparents we are called to live out and call forth family giftings that speak the Hands of God’s Glory.  It’s not about the “gift” it’s the intention of calling forth through the generations.  His “craft” of Hand: cooking, academia, sports, etc.  Speak it through the legacy of your children.  Watch relationship carry “strings” of Glory into eternal script that lights up the heavens and reflects into our relational lives.  Pass it on.  To Him be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.


Sunday’s Showcase of Truth April 27, 2014

Dedicated to Mother to Mother and it’s leader’s: Adria, Leigh and Courtney

and the initial and their leader, Beverly



This just about melted me to the core. Thinking about my own four babies and how my love for them just about split my heart wide-open. Open to every good and evil that would brush past them or pierce their precious gifted beings!

I was anxious with my first baby to do everything right. Once I let that fierce fire of flame settle into my heart, its burned more brightly every day since their four births.

We have a great program at our church that ministers to young moms, gets them into The Word and in fellowship with each other during this needy phase of mothering. It blesses moms, children and families with maturity in faith that not only advances our Lord’s Kingdom but also grows women of insight and depth. I’ve had the privilege to know some of these young women. They are delightful!

So I encourage young moms: find a Bible study/start one. . .find a mentor or mentors program in your church!!! GROW. . .GROW. . .GROW!!! It will enrich your life and the strength of your marriage in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

1 Corinthians 13:13


Dearest Readers:

Dearest Readers:

As you can see from the above totally boring video, the slow hunt and peck method is really reducing the frequency and length of many posts.  I write complete posts in my head and then sometimes I can get the title typed out. I type one letter at a time with lots of mistakes. I’m trying to learn the Tobii eyegaze system but it’s not coming along very well. But I’m not giving up!!! NOT this girl. I’ll get something going so we can stay in touch.

I thank you with all my heart for your likes and comments. One of the more difficult challenges of this disease, and I’m sure other hard places as well, is the isolation. I am “fed” by social interactions. Large and small groups as well as one to one bring me life. I was typically the last one to leave. My interactions have so drastically changed, my fellowship has also shifted. It’s a huge loss I can’t even begin to describe it.

One of the sweetest redemptive investments God has made in my life is you!!!

  • Words have no meaning unless they have a reader. They lay lifeless and limp on the screen/page until some kind and interested person picks them to turn the words around in their head or let them make a pass through your heart.
  • You are a significant part of my fellowship 🙂
  • It feels risky for any word play because what if they hate it or are bored or just totally not interested?
  • Honestly, it’s a great creative outlet in and of itself. Bucky says I wake up “with words in my head.” It’s my therapy.
  • Because of all these things and since I’m social by nature, your likes and comments mean so much to me 🙂 They help me feel connected!
  • I can see what you think when you comment. I can also gauge what you are  interested in.Technology is pretty cool but it can’t read your mind yet  😉
  • It makes so sad I can’t answer each and every one comment. We are having convos in my head and heart.
  • So, thank you so much when you feel lead to like or comment. Some have told me a few have even graced a Facebook or been shared via an email or two.

YOU are what makes this Blog have a pulse. A joyful song carried across state lines and continents through these weird wireless waves of which I have no knowledge.


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