“Need” in Whispers

Enter with me where time and place stand still. Beyond me and my circumstance, His Hand reaches through the veil that hides the reality of His Kingdom, Thy will be done. My family and close friends witnessed the heavenly host fight for me through the song of Plumb.

Close friends, Frank and Gaye gifted us with tickets to the KLOVE Christmas concert. Plumb filled the church with her voice to bless us with Christmas carols and her song, “Need You Now” (I’ve featured on another post). I’m gonna tell you I bawled like a baby. It touches every fiber of my faith. There are no words to express the depth of where my suffering meets her song journey. As she stood side stage, I could see her silhouette out of the corner of my eye. I had closed my eyes to Worship names into the Chris August song. I heard the angelic rustle of satin closing in… And I felt her soft cheek brush my tear-glazed cheek, her beautiful curls tumble over my flat unstyled hair. (lol) My eyes fluttered open to the wonder of Plumb whispering in my ear. (She gifted me with a glory of hope token, you will have to read my book for this revelation). Truth tickled joy alive as she…Prayed something like this,”Lord, I don’t know what this precious sister is going through, but I ask that you put your arms around her. Embrace her circumstance so she knows more of your love. Oh Father, be here for her so this will be her best Christmas ever. Amen.” She kissed my forehead, and we locked moist eyes. I felt time stop and Plumb saw into my story. Not being able to speak or move, I put all I had in gratitude and love in my eye language back to her. My hand so wanted to reach out of my heart to touch her. The moment felt so ethereal. “I love you,” she said with the authority of His Kingdom. I heard the love of Jesus telling me, through her voice, “I will bless the sacrifice of your suffering far and beyond your expectations” (Eph. 3:20).  I squeezed my face to emulate a hug. She touched my head and was gone as quickly as she came.

I had to work hard to get my composure back from such a significant blessing.

How do you thank someone for stopping time in the face of minute and hour hands that threaten to press the life out of me. Time is not the reality that govern our days and nights. Love governs His Kingdom. God’s love comes down at Christmas (Point of Grace), to remind us it is timeless, extending into eternity.

Merry Christmas Plumb, I love you too. Thank you for singing Jesus into my heart.



Horizon Hit: Only Hope by Mandy Moore

Only Hope:Mandy Moore


Dear Readers, I love the piano as I was blessed to listen to my daughters practice while I was in the kitchen cooking.

This Post is dedicated to each and every single note my four daughters played on the piano and to their long time teacher,

Ms. Kathyrn Jones

The piano, in the beginning is sooooo beautiful. I”m listening to this song in bed this cloudy morning, needing a nap, and allowing the lyrics to process through some of my heart life. . .lyrics that speak deeply. . .

“There’s a song inside of my soul, it’s the one that  I’ve tried to ‘write’ over and over again,

I’m awake in the infinite cold, But you sing to me over and over and over again,

So I lay my head back down and I lift my hand and pray to be only Yours,

I know now, you’re my Only Hope.

Sing to me the song of the stars, of Your Galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again,

When it feels like my dreams so far, sing to me of the plans that YOU have for me, over and over again.”

What does it sound like to hear the Lord sing to you of HIS plans for YOU?


His Hands. . .

Jesus’ Hand is the first Hand to touch you each morning. It is a gentle touch from His strength that rouses you into the subtle light of morning. He extends His arm to open His hand to assist you to rise into your day. Don’t rush the touch of life. . .and let your small hand rest in the rough, scarred, love healed palms of His sacrifice for you to live this day. On your feet, His Hand hovers over your head in blessing. Do you start your day bowed in blessing? Time speeds on and still. . . right at that bump, when you stumble, His hand absorbs the pain first, before the bruise reaches the flesh of your knees. Do you kneel in gratitude? Day closes and a meal is shared. His Hand is poised at His lips, waiting in silence to see if your hunger for His love surpasses the hunger of your flesh. Does it? He sees you tire and His hands turn down the sheets and smooth out the wrinkles of your day. He waits for you to finally need rest in His Hands. He has looked forward to this moment all day. When need finally surrenders yourself into His hands. “Sleep is the most trusting thing you will ever do. . .” Thank you, Vicky Benton. His Hands are the last ones to touch the sanctity of need for night. . .And He tucks you in with a warm, soft blanket folded tenderly under your chin. But His watch of hand is not yet finished. . .He sits with you as you release your day and give into sleep. Do you close your eyes in trust? He gives faith with you as yours struggles. He hopes with you for a better day tomorrow. He loves with, in and through you for the Kingdom to dim the Glory in reverence to launch a bright new day, tomorrow.

Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Let the water rush over your hands the next morning of your life. Where do you think the river of water comes from? The Hand Of Jesus. . .Over Yours. Today, Tomorrow and Always.

This post is dedicated to every life that has allowed my hand to touch their life.  twe