Petals of Promise: A Collection of Prose

tumblr_lr9h4t9tgr1qhhm8co1_400Petals Of Promise: Forward

It was a soft day in early Fall. An invitation comes teasingly with the fragrant whisp of wind tickles a deep, life-giving breath. I feel His presence when He brushes my hand with a gentle tug forward. An invitation by my Lord to travel even a few steps with Him drew me inside His pathway. I trailed behind Him, my bare toes almost touching the ivory train that gathered forest lingerings as He walked. There was a delicate sweet scent that linked to a memory of a secret garden where He and I played for hours as a little girl…There was this esquisite pink rosebush that was my favorite.

My Lord named that rose “Princess Victoria.” My memory pondered those talks of scared promises He made to me with the touch Victoria’s fragrance. I was brought back to our moment by flecks of color on the intimate leadings through the forest. Pink rose petals were fluttering out from underneath the trane of His robe velvet-crushed hem just for the feminine bold  touch of faith. I recognized the very petals. My Lord was leading me into my tightly closed bud and the painful process to open the petals fully in the Sonlight. “Lord, the blossoming aches so deeply, I can feel it down into the dark dampness of my most delicate roots,” my cold words of fear melting in the warm cusp of His Hands.  He knew as dusk fell, I could follow His promises by the fragrance to victory.

This was meant to be the forward to a book, a small collection, of prose entitled, “Petals of Promise”  It was inspired by Kathy Drake and her Beloved letters from our Lord. God would give me a petal. I would do light research around a theme and write a letter of prose to my Lord. There are only four in the collection. I don’t know if I can write any more. Tobii is as laborious as it is limited!!!

“Promises” by Sanctus Real