Petals of Promise: The Line


 Dedicated to Ashlyn, balance that line and dismount into your Jesus’ strong arms

The Line

Do you create me to live beyond the line?

You’ve got my attention.  You straighten me on my feet with your words.  I’m walking and working in the dust towards a horizon you set.

There is darkness clouding the skies and my soul.

Are the wings of your spirit creating it?  It closes in on my life.  Only you can peel away the shadow of the night.

I wait.

You strike away the tenebrous in a flash.  You light the firmament and the darkest corners of my soul with blinding light. I cannot look rightly into your glory, nor can I walk without the light you create.

It is the soft glow of twilight I seek over eternal waters.

You design the boundaries between light and dark.

Just as you wrap up the waters in your cloak,

You wrap me at day’s end in your love. You draw more than pictures of black and white.  I praise you for colorizing my world and anointing my soul with an infinite palate of pigments.

“You introduced your glory, to every living creature on earth.  And they started singing the first song to ever be heard.  They sang for you.  You make all things new.”

You give me ears to hear the melody of your praise!

You give me vision to see the creation of your glory.

I want to trace the work of your hand.  I want to tread the high places of the earth with you, Lord.  My heart wants to do more than take baby steps into the watercolors of your strokes.

I want to fly, Lord, on wings of the morning, to the furthest horizon.

Do you create me to live beyond the line?

Isaiah 48:13, Isaiah 60:8, Job 37:3, Job 26:10, Proverbs 30:4, Steven Curtis Chapman, “You Make All Things New,”  Psalm 19:1, Amos 4:13, Psalm 139:9
Inspired by The Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis

Horizon Hit: Song Recommendation: “Wings”

This post is dedicated to all song artists, writers, and vocal performers that share their gifting to Glorify our LORD. You have blessed my life. Thank you! I told a friend once, “If I ever disappear, please look inside my iPod. I will most surely be there inside one of the songs on “repeat.”

There is this song, “Wings,” a friend introduced me to. . .by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. The album is Captured. It is so poignant for me, I think of it several times each day. I’ve put it on iTunes repeat. I just had to share it with you. . . Lyrics that really speak to me. . .
“Nothing’s gonna hold me back, I’m gonna fly so high. . .
When some of you took from the Lord, your new wings,
You had this look on your face, you see these are new,
But I still have the memory of how it felt when I flapped my broken wings,
And I saw this fear in your eyes, What will it feel like to flap my new wings,
Will I still have the pain? Will I still remember? Then I saw the Lord, look into your eyes. . .And He said the pain shall cease. . .Even the memory shall be released. . .Even the memory of the pain I shall take upon Myself. I will not give you a new thing that will cause you pain. So, don’t be afraid to fly. . .”

Some songs the best way to respond is, “Amen”