Petals Of Promise: The Branch

tumblr_lr9h4t9tgr1qhhm8co1_400Dedicated to Hope, swing on the branch while he tickles your toes

The Branch

You give me reason to dream.

In the warmth of your cloistered garden, I listen for the sound of your footsteps.

I am tethered to your trunk, the one true vine whose wood is better than any tree in the forest.

It is your father, my gardener, who prunes back last year’s cane growth for new buds to form.

You keep watch over me from heaven.

It is His vision of my shape in your kingdom come.

My barren branch spurs with your love.

Thirsty for your water, I can become like a wild branch whose leaves wither and produce no fruit.  My roots reach into the dampened darkness in search of your love.  My branches turn toward your light and my boughs support healthy clusters of leaves.  At your feet, the heavens grace my leaves with glistening dew.  At your command, the winds direct the eagle to soar and rest it’s wings of power upon my fragile branch.

Apart from you I bear no worth. I am the branch that remains in you. This year’s growth will yield delicate blossoms in light of Your time.  Eternally linked to you, I produce clusters of goodness.  Good soil and abundant water produce in me sweet, delicate fruit. I am created with the desire to live under the shade of your provision. You give joy and purpose to my life.  You are planning a celebration that will quench all who thirst for the full measure of your love.  Your own lips await the cup of your promise.

I will feast with you on the tender grapes and aged wine of your righteousness.

You give me reason to dream.

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Inspired in “Tea Time” Prayer Group

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This Post is dedicated to my mother’s legacy of words and my father’s legacy of education: What impact of legacy from both of them! Thank you Merle Flagg Warren and Melba Smith Warren 🙂

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Tea Time: Worship

Let’s take a “before” and “after” diagnosis quick shot picture. I went to a concert recently at our church, a time of Worship and fellowship. One of their CDs, out from integrity music, is called “Fike.” I was not sure what to expect. Worship, pre-diagnosis, was lifting, fun and full of encouragement! I was always acutely aware of fellowship. Most Worship times, (at church, in my car, concerts, in my house mopping with the windows rattling with His Truth), I left full of His Spirit and ready to build something new in His Kingdom.

For the time, right now, Worship looks different for me. I miss the old “style” of communion I experienced, yes I do. But, I know my Lord, and at some point He will give that back to me and then beyond. . .For now, one year post-diagnosis, it’s a quiet time. I find myself deeply reverent in HIs presence. At the concert, I went into my own sacred space, only vaguely aware of fellowship. I found myself praying. . . .”Lord, let the music penetrate my flesh, let it shake the muscles and bones of my existence. Let it wake my body, mind and spirit to your presence. Take every cell in my body and line it righteously to Your Will and Reign” That’s different! Before, I was not aware of a need for the music to permeate, I just wanted to be immersed in it.

It’s not a sad thing. It’s a new thing. It’s a different thing. I do not feel the need to chase places, songs, artists to find my “Worship” space again. I am hoping toward contentment with how God choses to offer it to me. I chose to believe this is my best Worship for where I am. I will not chase “goodness” of the past, but expect His Hand to supply. I will not receive experiences as less when HE intends them to be more. I will not insist on defining life in HIM on my terms. My Worship was all about Him. My Worship is still all about my Lord. My Worship is mine to experience as God defines it, Jesus offers it and the Holy Spirit moves it.

in His love and mine, twe