Kingdom Building Through Dad


“The male of the family carries the weighted glory

in his tone and words.

The Kingdom building within each home is strengthened

by his grace and mercy.”

Sounds like the strength of assurance with Ashlyn built kingdom strength into our family.

Great job Dad!

(A text I sent to Bucky)

Lost Art of Words: I am so proud of you!

I remember like yesterday, the day the Lord called me to tell another adult, I was proud of them. It felt like trying to talk with marbles in my mouth! I was thinking God, Really? They will think I am talking “down” to them. Why is this so hard to say? It’s comes much more easily with children (although I think we underestimate their need to hear it more often). I remember sheepishly saying, (I intend the pun) “I’ve noticed you did such a great job with this, would it offend you if I told you how proud I am of you?” They were quite gracious with my awkward attempt, and said, “Why, no! Thank you for saying so. . .” And then we talked about how as adults, we are hesitant to share that kind of affirmation.

I think we are missing out on Kingdom opportunities to speak boldly into each other’s lives. Each and every one of us, no matter how old you are. . .You are still a child of God. And He views you, views all of us as His precious children. What if GOD longs for us to share these significant words with each other? What if that person across from you desperately needs affirmation? What if encouragement with those simple words could build Kingdom hearts in esteem that marks eternity?

So, I challenge all of us. Try it. Affirm an adult you are proud of. . .adult children, a co-worker, your husband, a friend, a volunteer at church, a sibling, someone who is grieving (it’s hard work to wade through deep emotions!), someone who is struggling with failure (everyone is succeeding at something), even a young person you notice: “Your parents must be so proud of you.”

Let’s let a little encouragement fly and let God’s wind of wonderment catch it and make it blow in the sails of HIS fellowship!

International Standard Version (©2008) 2 Cor 7:4
I have great confidence in you. I am very proud of you. I am very much encouraged. I am overjoyed in all our troubles.