Tuesday’s Tickle: Best Day Ever

Where along our path to adulthood, do we lose this delight?

Take it from me, life is too short, make today the best day ever!!!

(This is Constance’s niece at Disney World a few months ago.)

Tuesday’s Tickle: Her Song

The tickle is one of the most underutilized life-giving dynamics I know. I’m talking about tempting your sacred imagination to stay with me here. There is plenty to take serious in our days. If we take this life too seriously, it seems to me we miss links of joy that hint at “kingdom come now.” I’ve, at times, experienced “tickles” to stir life into my day.

I understand the tickles to be the indwelling Holy Spirit playing, kingdom play, with my spiritual growth. Awakening me to the joys that make kingdom life more real here and now. Our realities are skewed with a weighted perspective in worldly things. Things like loss, money, doctors, worry, work, grief, responsibility, education, marriage, even parenting.

I am suggesting that we’ve forgotten how to break out of our weighted lives to play.

To live fully in a moment of joy connects the business of humanity to the enlightenment of the divinity. 


 On Tuesdays, Let’s enjoy some light hearted moments that awakens joy into our beings. The Lord has a great sense of play. He knows we need play and the joy it creates to live abundantly and tap into our eternal lingerings. So en-joy!!!