Tuesday’s Tickle: Best Day Ever

Where along our path to adulthood, do we lose this delight?

Take it from me, life is too short, make today the best day ever!!!

(This is Constance’s niece at Disney World a few months ago.)

Tuesday’s Tickle: Front Row Seat


I’ve always been a front row girl, but NOT with Roller Coasters!!!

Classes, conferences, church and any kind of performance. The amazing grace of my handicap is that it sometimes blesses me with a front row seat!!!

None of my daughters took after me in this posture 😉

As I grew out of college into grad school I still sat front row and asked the most questions.  I wanted to go deeper.

Now still front row for conferences, movies, musicals, plays (saw The Secret Garden at our school).  I still seek out death.  The pulse of the dynamic embrace my heart.  The facial interplay captures my mind.  There is always take away for my soul.

But I’m still God’s Front Row Seat Girl!! I wonder if angels concertinas have front row seats?