Petals of Promise: The Line


 Dedicated to Ashlyn, balance that line and dismount into your Jesus’ strong arms

The Line

Do you create me to live beyond the line?

You’ve got my attention.  You straighten me on my feet with your words.  I’m walking and working in the dust towards a horizon you set.

There is darkness clouding the skies and my soul.

Are the wings of your spirit creating it?  It closes in on my life.  Only you can peel away the shadow of the night.

I wait.

You strike away the tenebrous in a flash.  You light the firmament and the darkest corners of my soul with blinding light. I cannot look rightly into your glory, nor can I walk without the light you create.

It is the soft glow of twilight I seek over eternal waters.

You design the boundaries between light and dark.

Just as you wrap up the waters in your cloak,

You wrap me at day’s end in your love. You draw more than pictures of black and white.  I praise you for colorizing my world and anointing my soul with an infinite palate of pigments.

“You introduced your glory, to every living creature on earth.  And they started singing the first song to ever be heard.  They sang for you.  You make all things new.”

You give me ears to hear the melody of your praise!

You give me vision to see the creation of your glory.

I want to trace the work of your hand.  I want to tread the high places of the earth with you, Lord.  My heart wants to do more than take baby steps into the watercolors of your strokes.

I want to fly, Lord, on wings of the morning, to the furthest horizon.

Do you create me to live beyond the line?

Isaiah 48:13, Isaiah 60:8, Job 37:3, Job 26:10, Proverbs 30:4, Steven Curtis Chapman, “You Make All Things New,”  Psalm 19:1, Amos 4:13, Psalm 139:9
Inspired by The Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis

We Are Made To Run!

I have a few friends running half and full marathons.  I have great admiration for them, although I secretly confess I worry about what it could do to their bodies.  It might surprise some of you, I loved our PE rotation through “track.”  I was a “short distance” runner… Fifty Yard Dash and Relay Race.  I was pretty fast in elementary school.  I hear you laughing 🙂

That was a “side bar,” Connie.  I was listening to SC Chapman today… It made me smile 🙂


“We are made to run in the fields forever.”

Steven Curtis Chapman

Shattered Dreams are An Illusion

The Shattered Dream By James Anderson Featured in the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

The Shattered Dream By James Anderson
Featured in the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

That last post, of a cool. shaded porch. . .a place and space to dream. Called me out of the heat of my circumstance.  I will be vulnerable and tell you, I’ve avoided that concept for two+ years. Dreaming seemed to me a luxury I cannot afford. I’m in survival mode.

I was living my dream or close as normal life can get to it.  Most marriages get to that place where the thing really worth fighting for is the marriage, not who or what is right or wrong.  Our marriage was reaping the fruits of faithfulness. Growing girls God’s way, I saw my four daughters claiming their world and their Faith. It was not perfect for any of us, but I saw the messy Glory as His beauty in the making. I wanted nothing more than to encourage their identity in Christ and love them until they popped.

Women’s ministry was  Kingdom Play at it’s best. Creativity grew beyond the kitchen and laundry room. I pursued, with all my heart, for women to grasp His beauty, to re- learn to play with a child-like trust, to grow an intimate faith that embraces the Lord’s romance for them. Stages for conferences, plays, letters, Bible Studies, trusted confidences, leadership plans, table cloths, wrinkles, stains on carpets, colors, lights, laughter, tears, retreats, picnics, lunches that challenged Kingdom thinking, a few words scribbled here and there, and I prayed to meet God there. I wanted nothing more than His life in each moment and encounter. More of God for each heart that pulsed in search. . .

And then as Stephen Curtis Chapman, says in one of his most poignant songs, Beauty Will Rise, about the loss of their daughter Maria, “It was the day the world went wrong.” Many of us will live our lives and into a day when your world goes wrong. Fired from your job, death, diagnosis, betrayal, bankruptcy, divorce, abuse, tragic news, a home taken by fire and the world goes wrong in just a moment of time.

Pain shatters the picture of “our dreams.” The sharp shards of broken pieces cut into my playful reality of soft pastels, sketched rainbows, unicorns and bubbles, to bleed blood red by the Master’s Hand.

Still, We are made to dream.

There is a dream-in-the-making beneath the overlay of broken pastels  that speaks boldly of a masterpiece that reaches well beyond our vision. The intense colors of this Kingdom Dream stroke far past the horizon of our day into His eternity. You see, the Dream, at the Master’s Hand is not easily captured with our eyes.

This Master’s Dream, brushes out colors so rich they saturate through new depths. This Perfected Dream reflects shapes we’ve not traced with our crude drawing pencils. This New Dream has no edge, no boundary to bind it but it is loosed into Heaven.

Matthew 18:18 “Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.

What we experience as shattered, shards of our dreams, is a broken allusion. Think about the God of Love, giving you the innate desire to dream, your life dreams shattered and He leaves you sobbing on the floor with broken, sharp glass that cuts your tender skin? What parent do you know that would do that to their child? The Abba Father I know, will pick you up out of the broken mess, dry your tears and whisper with hope, “Come over here, I want to show you what I’ve been working on for us. It’s quite the secret masterpiece you know!”

The real dreaming has only just begun. If I have to give up the broken pastel pieces, for a dream that is painted in colors only heaven holds, brush strokes that reach beyond an edge of a canvas, and is free to explore beyond my hands, into eternity , then let God have the pastel, wistful dreams of old. There is a new dream in the making.

I am made to dream!

I want, an infinite palate for my Master’s Dream, and that will ONLY COME at His Hand. 

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Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken Steve Curtis Chapman featuring Caleb Chapman :)

Morning Has Broken
Steven Curtis Chapman
featuring Caleb Chapman

Speaking of legacy: After the death of his baby sister, listen to Caleb sing forth faith in this offering. Beautiful. Steven, well done daddy, to the glory of your High King.