Monday’s Manna Moment: Mark Driscoll on Joy in Suffering

“Why have I come into this existence to suffer this level of pain?”

“Will we suffer in a way that is purposeful?”

Purposeful suffering. . .wow. . .I am prayerfully pondering the kingdom impact of making this concept.

“Know the man Paul so you can trust him as teacher.”

“Will your suffering find purpose in you?”

“Will your hardship be wasted?”

“We may articulate our theology but we demonstrate our beliefs through our suffering.”

This a powerful statement. It is so real so raw in it’s reach, it almost stings. Do you know what I mean?

I think we have to tread carefully here. Almost like leaving bloody footprints in freshly fallen snow. I’m just not graphic like that but when God gives me a striking picture, I try to obediently use it. Suffering waxes and wanes as does the intensity of our response to it. Our belief system may or may not be portrayed at any given moment as our humanity processes the pain. Given the grace of our Lord, perhaps it might more accurately approach the truth to say:

We may articulate our theology but we demonstrate our beliefs when (not if but when) The Resurrection rises in triumph over the suffering.

Horizon Hit: Theater Film: The Impossible


The Impossible, based on the true story of the Tsunami that washed over Thailand in 2004. It is a highly graphic movie for PG13. Extremely intense. I am recommending it to strong mined adults for the followings reasons. . . .
1. It gives a realistic account of the sufferings humanity is capable of. . . .It makes you think about the resiliency God created us to endure horrendous physical and emotional suffering and survive well. . .
2. It highlights the gentle care and kindness of perfect strangers in a crisis. Our community is not what we “think” it is. . .community is defined more by circumstance than by where you live. (I hear a Blog forming. . .)
3. It celebrates persevering pain for life. It may hurt so badly, you want to “die” but you do not know what is around the corner.
4. It tenderizes tragedy with a child’s pure love. How precious is a child that been loved and has no fear of reflecting it to a stranger.
5. It illustrates how so often doing the “right thing” can appear with “punishing results” “Things are not as they appear to us.”
6. It will broaden your perspective on “natural disasters.” As in, open it wide open. . .
7. It champions the incredible courage of a child’s heart.

I cannot say enjoy it. . .but it is an eye opening film that will grip your heart and you will never forget! If you see it, let me know what you think.

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