Horizon Hit: Song Recommendation: “Wings”

This post is dedicated to all song artists, writers, and vocal performers that share their gifting to Glorify our LORD. You have blessed my life. Thank you! I told a friend once, “If I ever disappear, please look inside my iPod. I will most surely be there inside one of the songs on “repeat.”

There is this song, “Wings,” a friend introduced me to. . .by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. The album is Captured. It is so poignant for me, I think of it several times each day. I’ve put it on iTunes repeat. I just had to share it with you. . . Lyrics that really speak to me. . .
“Nothing’s gonna hold me back, I’m gonna fly so high. . .
When some of you took from the Lord, your new wings,
You had this look on your face, you see these are new,
But I still have the memory of how it felt when I flapped my broken wings,
And I saw this fear in your eyes, What will it feel like to flap my new wings,
Will I still have the pain? Will I still remember? Then I saw the Lord, look into your eyes. . .And He said the pain shall cease. . .Even the memory shall be released. . .Even the memory of the pain I shall take upon Myself. I will not give you a new thing that will cause you pain. So, don’t be afraid to fly. . .”

Some songs the best way to respond is, “Amen”

Eden, by Phil Wickham

My song recommendation today is Eden by Wickham.  Some of my favorite lyrics, “. .I wanna be in Eden. . .I remember how you called my name and I would meet you at the garden gate. . .My hands can reach the heaven before me. ..In a sweet town full of innocent rain. . .”